Woman Was Tired Of Drivers Flying By Stopped School Buses, So She Worked With The Cop To Catch Them Red-Handed – Video

Have you ever heard of a woman joining the cop force just because she was fed up of drivers driving fast past the stopped school buses. I mean she was so frustrated at the drivers flying by stopped school buses that she joined the cop force just to catch them in action.

It is amazing how many driving rules people either forget or just choose to blow off.

One of the rules is passing a stopped school bus. It’s a scenario that most of us must have seen at least once in our town during the course of time.

I see it all the time. Sometimes it takes someone getting in trouble to change the bad behavior. She was fed up with watching drivers fly by stopped school buses along the busy road so she turned her concern into action. She took out a camera and started recording the offending drivers contravening this basic driving law.

She took footage of the school buses with their stop bars and flashers on and streams of cars that kept going. She sent them all to the cop department for their intervention. The cop showed up and claimed to catch such offenders. Once again she was there to film another day of traffic zooming past the stopped bus, but the cop were waiting up ahead. You can see for yourself, how many lawbreakers are there driving past the school bus.

There are other persons who watch the traffic rules being broken everyday but they do not bother to take notice of the same and report it to the cop. She is now bent upon to bring the lawbreakers to the book and get them punished for the offences on the road. And for that, she has vowed to join the cop force and herself take up the task of punishing the law offenders for the safety of pour children on the busy roads.

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