Woman Creates First Interactive Computer Science Education Doll – Video

Bukola Somide, creator of 14-inch Somi, the first ever Computer Science Interactive Doll, is on a mission to make playtime educational and entertaining. Equipped with 12 voice-overs, Somi teaches Computer Science concepts in a fun way and deterring cyberbullying.

The “first” of its kind, our Somi STEM doll was designed based off the looks of the main character in her children’s storybook, Somi, The Computer Scientist: Princess Can Code. In the book, Somi [pronounced] is a curious, bright, humorous, and beautiful young girl who has a natural interest in learning Computer Programming concepts from her mom.

Her inquisitive nature allows her to connect what she’s learning with real life experiences. Somi’s persona was created with the intent that young learners would find her relate-able and want her as a friend Bukola’s words succinctly capture the essence of this project and her drive as a change agent, “My passion is to bring computer science awareness to underserved communities while deterring cyberbullying. I’m so excited for everyone to experience Somi, The Computer Science doll!”

Mass production process of the Dolls is set to begin in March 2020 and quality-assured Dolls would be delivered to customers by August 2020. However, this is dependent on us selling a minimum of 1,000 units of our 14-inch Somi, Computer Science Interactive Doll by January 27th, 2020.

Help us to achieve this goal.

Share with family and friends on social media, email and by word of mouth. Refunds on all doll orders (minus credit card processing fees) would commence only if we do not reach our goal stated above.

Innovant Technologies LLC was created to support and further the mission of nonprofit, CompSci ABC.

They are a champion of Computer Science education in under-served communities (esp. black communities). They ensure excellence in their innovative products/services which are uniquely created to best serve our target audience. They value people, honesty, integrity, and quality.

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