Woman Asks Shelter ‘Who Is The Oldest, Hardest Dog To Adopt That No One Wants After Losing Her Husband And Dog. Here’s Who They Gave Her – Video

When Melani Andrews walked into the Front Street Animal Shelter and asked for the oldest, hardest dog to adopt, they introduced her to Jake. The pup had started getting older and sickness took over his body, so his original family left him at the Sacramento area animal shelter.

Jake stayed there for a ‘long time’ while shelter staff did their best to look after him. The pup was diagnosed with malignancy and had various skin problems… but was still sweet as can be.

The truth is, if it weren’t for Melani, Jake would have likely spent the rest of his days in the noisy, concrete floored shelter with only small glimpses of love from overworked shelter staff.

He watched longingly as families cross through the shelter corridors without giving him a second look. But that all changed, when Melani walked by and stopped at his kennel.

Malani didn’t come to the shelter just to find a great dog, but to save a life and give unconditional love for every moment of Jake’s last days.

If the looks on their faces are any indication, theirs is certainly a match made in heaven. Senior dogs are among the most difficult animals for shelters to adopt out. Thankfully, organizations like The Mr. Mo Project save as many senior dogs as possible from lossing life shelters to be fostered and adopted forever.

While dogs are just a part of our lives, we are their whole lives. If you have a pup now, keep in mind that they will get older. Start saving and preparing for the time when they need you the most. If you are looking for your best friend and cuddlebuddy, follow Melane’s example and adopt a pup no one else will. You will find a forever friend like no other!

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