The Little Mermaid Live, Just Released The First Look Of Queen Latifah As Ursula – Video

We are often very much mesmerized by the looks of an actress in her makeup and getup for a particular role. This look becomes more mesmerizing when it is of a character from one of the fairy tales from the fairy tale book.

We keep staring at the character as if appreciating the creation of the makeup artist or the looks of the character as it seems in the act.

We many times are surprised at the magnificent makeover of the artist and are surprised at the change that the makeup has brought upon the person and stand astonished.

Here we are going to discuss about a same type of makeover of an artist. We are talking about the famous star actress Queen Latifah. We were on the sets of a movie that was based upon the story of a mermaid. She was in the getup of the famous character of Ursula.

She was decked up in all the finery and the makeup of a mermaid and was looking a stunning figure of grace and beauty on the sets of the movie and was ready for the filmshoot to start. We were lucky as we were the first ones to look at Queen in her getup as the great Ursula on the sets in the grand studio. And also we were the first ones to photograph her and release her first look to the media.

There were many other characters that were roaming around on the sets but the most thrilling of all had our attention and we could not take our eyes off her on the sets. Her looks confirmed that she and as well the movie are going to be a dreadful hit at the box office and that could be anticipated very much. We wish her all the best of luck and good wishes for her movie and hope for an early release of the movie.

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