Some People Think Santa Should Be Gender-Neutral Or Female, According To A Recent Study – Video

That’s according to survey findings from GraphicSprings, a graphic design company, that found roughly 27 percent of respondents said they would prefer Santa Claus to be either a woman or gender neutral.

The company used Google surveys to collect responses from 400 people between the ages of 18 to 25 to ask how they would rebrand the holiday stalwart to modernize him.

It then posed a selection of the more popular responses to a wider survey of 4,000 respondents across the United Kingdom and United States. While a clear majority of respondents from the U.K.

and U.S. said Santa should be male, at 72.2 percent, some 10.6 percent of those surveyed said a modernized Father Christmas should be a woman, and 17.2 percent suggested he should be gender-neutral.

The findings reflect a cultural shift surrounding the idea of gender and identity domestically and abroad over time, and the modern take doesn’t stop there.

About 25 percent of people think a modern Santa should swap his heavy boots with sneakers, and some 22 percent said he should ditch the sleigh for a flying car. Twenty-three percent would change Santa’s delivery method, opting for his use of the Amazon Prime delivery service.

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