Side Hustle: Erykah Badu Has Birthed Over 40 Babies As A Doula

She is renowned in her albums for the soulful vocals and local government posts, but Erykah Badu (48) seems to have even more skills than your ordinary singer. She passes by a lot of titles and Badoula is one of them.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, Doula is “a Greek term meaning female slave.” “For many millennia, women have served others in childbirth and proved that assistance from another female has a beneficial effect on the cycle of labour.”

In an come across on his series with radio personality Sway Calloway, Sway in the Morning, Erykah revealed that since 2011 she has been a doula and raised all three of her kids by request at school.

She also helped deliver 40 more children. Erykah saw that when she was called to help one of her greatest mates ‘ house deliveries, she had a unique skill for house marriages. Then, by learning to be a doula and receiving her certificate, she investigated her skill.

“Being a midwife now I’m in practice. I’m nearly there, “she said. Erykah assisted at a wedding for the first moment she was not yet educated. “My greatest buddy, Afya, was in labor, and when they called me, I was on a plane. I re-routed my plane here in Brooklyn to go with them. That was in the year 2001, “she said. “And I was just staying with her. Her labour, fifty-two hours, was normal. I was staying with her. I haven’t gotten tired or anything.

Whatever it lasted, I could just be there for her–shouting, training, running, swinging, massaging. I had just had my child, a living, real born at home as well, so I had a little bit of knowledge, “she added. After that, she thought convinced that she would be able to help other females to take birth. That’s when I chose to begin to study for it. And she also assists and performs songs close to their ultimate days for nursing home clients.

“I’m sitting on the bedside of individuals in hospices or nursing homes for the individuals and relatives who want that kind of work,” she said. “But whether she’d start up her own home-based exercise has yet to be seen,” Erykah informed Sway. “A home birth is about being able to create exactly what you want because inside the body it’s such a bad moment that you want everything else to be as beautiful as it can be.”


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