Rihanna Has Now Been On The Cover Of Vogue 25 Times So Let’s Take A Look Back At Them All – Video

We come across many models who appear in the different magazines endorsing different products from time to time and we get impressed by their beauty in many ways. Some impress us by their fair skin, while some impress us by their smooth skin, some impress us by their dark, wide eyes while some are impressed by their long slender legs, some have silky long hair while some have a very attractive figure.

There are a number of ways that a model can impress us. In person, a model can impress us by the way she carries her attire or moves her body with ease or her mannerism or her knowledge about fashion and her apparel are the most impressive of all.

Today we are going to talk about a particular model who has been doing the rounds in the fashion circle and has carved her way into the fashion world on the international scene.

Yes, we are talking about Rihanna. She has become the most talked about and the most celebrated model of 2019. She has conquered the hearts of millions of her fans on the national as well as the international scene.

She has left behind many renowned models in the foray and she has won the top spot in modeling. She has got the privilege of posting herself on the cover page of the most famous fashion magazine ‘’VOGUE’’. And that too she has done about 25 times. What an achievement for a model. Now she has become the matinee idol for millions of her fans throughout the world and beyond.

She has portrayed in the world’s most beautiful bodies an article written by a world famous fashion critic as the main leading model of all times as written by the author. We wish her good luck and the best wishes for the years to come.



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