Officers Show Up In Riot Gear And Stage Dramatic Snowball Game With Local Kids – Video

This is surely a snowball game sight you don’t see every day! Kids in the Duvall, Washington, area were approached by cop cars with their lights flashing as they gathered in a local park for a friendly game of football in the snow, and they were not fully prepared for what was about to happen.

In the video, as the cops slowly exit their vehicles, it’s clear to see that they’re hiding behind riot shields.

But why would they feel the need to do that? you’re probably asking yourself. Why are these cops storming the snow-covered fields of Duvall, Washington, when these innocent children are just minding their own business and playing the great American sport of football? In the video, you can see the officers line up behind one another, still hiding behind their riot shields while slowly and carefully approaching the group of kids in the field.

The kids in the field look pretty sketched out about the whole thing. After all, if a group of officers skids around the corner in their cars like they’re filming Fast and Furious 17: Duvall Drift, wouldn’t you be a little weirded out? Anyway, once the cops get close enough to the kids, that’s when all loose! Peep the video to see all the crazy commotion that happened in the little town of Duvall, Washington.

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