Mom Wraps Tree In Plastic With A Note Canceling Christmas And Sparks Heated Debate Online – Video

One Australian mom was so fed up with her three unruly kids that she delivered the ultimate threat with an irate note declaring “CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED FOR NOW.” Her “drastic” parenting approach sparked a heated debate online.Legend has it that Santa Claus keeps a list of children and categorizes them as nice or naughty.

The portly, jolly, white-bearded old man from the North Pole is said to only bring gifts to the homes of well-behaved kids. As for the naughty ones, Santa leaves them each a lump of coal instead. Hence, for children who misbehave, some parents may even warn them by saying, “You’d better be good otherwise Santa won’t give you any gifts!”

For one mother from Queensland, Australia, she took the “Santa’s Naughty list” threat to the next level. Sick of her children misbehaving, she warned to cancel Christmas entirely for her three children until they changed their unruly behavior.To get her point across, the anonymous mom wrapped the family Christmas tree in cling film and took far all the presents. Attached to the tree was a stern note. The note signed by Elsie one of Santa’s “Elf on the Shelf” workers read, “CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED FOR NOW. If you want me to keep visiting, a Santa visit your tree presents back your behavior needs to improve.”

“Santa is very angry and I’m disappointed. Be good say sorry to mum. You all have 1 week to improve. I’m WATCHING The kids were given one week to pull their socks up or else there would be no Christmas celebration.

A photo of the mom’s angry note was shared on ABC Brisbane’s social media page. Ever since it was posted on Dec. 5, 2017, it’s been a hot topic among parents. Some parents were impressed by the mom’s parenting approach, while others thought it was cruel. Then again, others thought it was too soft!

“That is very cruel. I feel sorry for some children,” one commenter wrote. One argued: “It’s all very well making threats but will they really be followed through? I expect not in which case empty threats are pointless. There are better ways of getting your children to cooperate.”

“I am a mum who did cancel Christmas one year It was a hard lesson, but one he has never forgotten I have always been a mom who carried out on her threats, even if they appeared to be mean. Your children do bounce back. My son has said he is grateful for the lesson he learnt,” another added.

In another social media post, the mom behind the harsh note explained, “the next morning we (me and the kids) had a very good conversation that revolved around what was acceptable and what wasn’t.” And since then, “the kids have been great,” per an article on Kidspot.

What are your thoughts on this mom’s dramatic Christmas-cancellation punishment? Do you think it’s a good idea? Mom excited to open her Christmas gift but broke into tears upon realizing what it was.

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