Mom Shares Hysterical Baby-Wearing ‘Hack’ For Exhausted Parents That Works Like Magic

Sheena Turner is a young mother who just went viral with her new mom hack that mothers everywhere are applauding her for. It all started last month when Sheena was walking her 8-month-old daughter Kelani Chanel around the house in a baby carrier.

“I had her in the carrier for about an hour and wanted to prepare lunch,” Sheena said, “so I thought Something’s got to give.”

Though 8 month-old babies are relatively small, carrying them around all day is still very tiring. Since Kelani loves being held in her carrier, however, Sheena feared she would throw a fit if she took her out of it.

That’s why she started trying to come up with other ideas as she stood in her kitchen. “I scanned the house and I saw the chairs at the bar, but they were too tall and not safe,” she said. “So I scanned the room and noticed the sofa had a center piece. My mind started twirling and I said, ‘Hey, that could work!’”

Moving carefully so as not to jostle Kelani, Sheena slipped off the carrier, adjusted the straps, and affixed it to the couch. Sheena managed to trick her baby into not noticing the difference between riding on her mom and laying on the couch. She added that her daughter did not wake up for two hours, and when she finally did wake up, Sheena said “she gave me the craziest look” before lying back down and going back to sleep.

Sheena decided to share her hack on Social Media, and it didn’t take long for it to go viral. “So spoiled,” Sheena joked in the post. “[She] wants me to sit and hold her, but I’m smarter than that.” Sheena knows exactly what part of the hack Kelani loves most.

“She’s teething right now, so I think the leather on the chair was soothing,” she explained. “Because when I’m holding her walking around trying to do things, it disturbs her, so she was still uncomfortable.” This is definitely a hack that moms everywhere will be using for a long time to come!

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