Meet the CEO of Carnival Cruises -Who in 5 Years Has Doubled the Company’s Worth to $48 Billion

Arnold Donald, a 64-year old African-American businessman, is the CEO of Carnival Cruise Line, the world’s current largest and the most popular cruise company. For the past 5 years, he has been running the $48 billion company after rescuing it from major financial problems.

A dynamic leader, he also led the company through many record smashing milestones.

Though Donald had been a member of the Carnival Corp, board of directors for 13 years, he was semi retired at the time and he did not even run a cruise line before.

But he accepted the challenge of being Carnival’s president and the CEO. Since then the company has seen many developments under his leadership.Within two years of his taking over the company, the company has boasted of many high profits ion the business. In his childhood he was very poor and was hardly able to east from a fork.

He grew up in the civil-right times as an Afro American, and resulting he also faced a lot of discrimination in his life. But he was determined to succeed and nothing could ever stop him from doing so. If you prepare well and have no excuses then you can pretty much do whatever you want in your life, this is what he told in an interview to the CNBC. He never looked behind or over his shoulder and once he took off there was nothing that could stop him from getting successful in whatever venture he took at. Carnival

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