Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Six Engagement Rings So She Can Choose Her Favourite – Video

There are a number of ways that have been demonstrated by different men at different times to woo their opposite making love. And there are many happy couples that have made it to a bright future in spite of a very bad separation.

Even if the man and the woman are confident in their love, it still is very difficult when it comes to finally proposing one another. It is very natural and normal to be nervous as one certainly expects the other to give a reply in the affirmative.

And it is but natural for a person to be nervous before popping up the ultimate question.

There is possibly a blueprint in the manner in which the proposal is being made. Some proposals are made in the public to have a lot of witnesses and some have been made a very private affair.

Most of the proposals are made in an apartment of either of the two with no fancy frills and lights.

A classy restaurant proposal is also very popular. So here we are talking about a very unusual way of proposing to the lady of your choice and ask her consent. A young man had a very novel idea of proposing to his lady love.

Uncertain as he was of the lady’s choice for an engagement ring, what he did was that he ordered six different rings for the lady so that she could make her choice from among the six rings.

So now what do you say about that thought and idea. The lady was overwhelmed at the gesture that was made by the guy and selected the ring of her choice and gave her consent.

So now you have a great idea as to whenever you go to propose your love, you may go very prepared with an array of rings for the girl to choose from.


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