Jamie Foxx Credits Little Sister With Down Syndrome For Teaching Him ‘How To Live’ – Video

Jamie Foxx, recipient of the Oscar and Grammy Award, is a worldwide icon. Not that he would argue, but he believes that under his ceiling there is an even better star: his little brother.

DeOndra Dixon resides with her elderly sister (Foxx is 51) and has since asked her to join her after her high school graduation in 2002. Dixon is a lively 34-year-old with Down syndrome as well. But the situation, which can trigger a broad variety of physical and behavioral disorders, has not really kept her away.

DeOndra has a touch on it since she was conceived, “Foxx communicated home in August 2018 in a file line function. “Little joyful package! We didn’t understand the syndrome of Down, “persisted the actor and singer. “My mom was clever to keep her’ ordinary’ right away,” Dixon went to college and entered the chorus. She was never prevented from adopting a culture that was normative, nor from pursuing her dreams and aspirations. “I didn’t understand what to do to fend for herself and become an individual,” confessed Foxx. His little sister, however, rapidly demonstrated she had gumption, and anything was feasible with her large brother watching out for her.

Our household is only treating her as DeOndra, “clarified Foxx. “Everywhere we go, she comes. She is generally the party’s lives!”The mom of the children always urged Dixon. She would have said, “Go to college, practice, have fun, there’s nothing else about you!”In talks with the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, Foxx recalled. Today, for the same purpose, Dixon acts as a worldwide envoy. Foxx’s reaction was instant and humbling when questioned what Dixon had instructed him. “I’ve taught to stay.

We get hooked up on the extras in our globe… She takes you home to what childhood is like. “Dixon flourished under the ceiling of her brother, and Foxx never shied away from including his sibling on point in his lives. She performed at the Grammys with him and even featured in the clip for the song “Blame It” by Foxx. Michelle Sie Whitten, chairman and co-founder of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, considers Dixon’s sun glowing just as strongly as Foxx. “It can really be incredible for people with Down syndrome,” she said in an address.

Times have changed, and today, with the GDSF making waves in advocacy and people like Dixon acting as a role model for millions, Down syndrome isn’t what it used to be. “More and more [people with Down syndrome] are looking at college,” Whitten added. “More and more are looking to get married. Many are looking for job opportunities.” Dixon and Foxx, making each other laugh with a spontaneous dance-off in their studio chairs, have the last word. Well, Dixon does. “I’m making him laugh every day,” she said, proudly. “I am the king of this man!”

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