High School New Principal Suspends Half Of All Her Students, Sends Wake-up Call To The Parents – Video

One of the most tidiest jobs in the country is to become the principal of a school. You know that the future of thousands of students depends on the decisions that you make and the actions that you take during your tenure in the school and at this position.

There are a number of offences that will come your way that have been committed by the students or even the teachers of the school and it all depends on your intelligence and your wits to take appropriate action and ward punishments to the concerned in the school.

Not all the offences committed by the students attract major punishments as sometimes just an advise can change the student for good and he can be changed for good.

Here in this case we are talking about a principal who came into news for a very strange act of his at the school. What he did was that he suspended about 500 students out of 1100 students from the school. Everyone was surprised at the action taken by the principal.

When they all came to know of the reason of this suspension they were equally surprised. The reason for the suspension was that the students were in the habit of taking unexcused leaves from the school of which they were not giving any reasons. And to the surprise of the parents the absenteeism from the school was nearly 90% of the total working days of the school.

In that way the principal was absolutely right for this action taken by him for the cause. Not simply content to steer a ship heading for the rocks, she made a call that many might label as controversial


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