‘He Took My Girl From Me’: Deon Cole Opens Up About His Apparent ‘Beef’ With Stevie Wonder – Video

Apart from being very fond of each other in the film industry there are instances when we come across many personal grudges that brew within the industry very often.

Although the personalities of the industry are very peace loving but at times there are instances of heated words being exchanged and grudges being developed between two rivals from the same industry. The reasons can be very negligible but at times they are of a very serious nature.

Sometimes the two fight like school going kids and sometimes the argue takes a very serious turn and the things grow out of control of every one.

Now to talk about the latest grudge between Deon Cole and Stevie Wonder. Both of the two stars are very mature and they know what they are talking about but what happens when the nonsense prevails over their minds, they talk all rubbish.

In a latest interview to the media Deon gave a statement to the press that Stevie had taken his girl from him. Now that is a very bold and open statement that he gave to the media. This could take a very serious course of action from Stevie, but so far nothing has exploded in the air. Let us hope that the things are calmed down at this stage only and nothing grave is going to happen between the two legends.

Stevie is my favorite singer from the time he sang the number ‘’part time lover’’, this is one of my favorite numbers of all times and I take it as my stress buster. We wish both the legends the best of friendship and good understanding and hope that they will not do anything foolish in the near future that may spoil or bring bad name to their reputation.


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