Guy Wearing Mascot Costume Travels 2,400 km to Surprise Girlfriend, Catches Her with Another Guy – Video

Once in a distant town of China there lived a boy and a girl who were deeply in love with each other. But as their financial condition was not very good, it became very difficult for both ends to meet.

But somehow they were pulling on and passing their life. Many times the boy thought of doing some business, but he could not arrange for the funds to start something on his own.

He used to frequently buy some present for the girl, just to express his love for her.

The days passed by and one fine day the girl had to leave for certain reasons to a far off town. They both parted with tears in their eyes and a promise on their lips that they will soon meet somehow.

Time passed and both of them were busy in their daily schedule and waited for the fateful day when they would meet again. Then came the time when the girl’s birthday neared. The boy decided to give a surprise to his girl friend and decided to pay her a visit. So he set off to the town where the girl was staying. The town was a good 2400 km away from the place.

But the boy was determined and set off on his journey to the town. On reaching the town he bought a teddy bear suit as to surprise his girl friend. So dressed up in the suit he went to the girl’s place.

On reaching the place, the boy was there for a surprise himself.


The girl that he loved was there with another boy. They both were very closed and they headed for the ice cream parlor across the street. She could not recognize the boy as he was dressed up as a teddy bear.

As the girl looked at the teddy bear the boy removed the head gear of his suit so that his face was visible.

The girl threw away her ice cream and at once rushed for the boy and embraced him tightly. All the doubts were cleared as the girl said the three magical words ‘’ I love you’ and the boy wished her a very happy birthday.


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