Guy Photoshops Himself Having Fun Adventures With Disney Characters And The Result Is Adorably Funny – Photos

Luigi Kemo Volo, popularly known as Kemo, is an illustrator and a photographer, whose unique interactive intermingling of drawing and photography is making waves on the internet.

Kemo was born in Bacoli, Naples in Italy and from childhood was passionate about drawing. Says he, “Since I was little, I was always attracted by the drawings – comics and animation; two passions that have irreparably brought me to the world of drawing.”

However, Kemo found his creative desires difficult to fulfill due to financial constraints.

He started off as a full-time bartender and also worked at odd jobs, such as a photographer in ceremonies and taking up advertising campaigns in his spare time.

In 2002, he took up street art and also worked as a writer. He took up photography in 2012 and turned freelance illustrator in 2014.

As his financial situation improved, he was not only able to buy the luxuries of life but also got a chance to go hammer and tongs at combining illustrations with photography.

Kemo’s latest venture is to step into the world of digital graphics that beautifully combine his two passions. It allows him to “draw my favorite animated characters and create an interesting interaction”.

It was his love for the Disney world and his nephew that prompted him to create a series of photos for him.

In these creations, he interacts with his favorite characters to make his nephew believe that these characters are real.

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