Formerly Homeless Man Now Spends Coldest Nights Searching For People On The Street He Can Guide To Shelter – Video

Rather than spending his chilly evenings in the warmth and comfort of his own house, this man hops into a van and drives around his city so he can help bring homeless people to shelter.

B.B. McGowan feels compelled to help the homeless population of Dallas, Texas because he used to be sleeping on the very same streets.

Thankfully, Oak Lawn United Methodist Church helped McGowan to get sober—and he now feels it is his mission to give back to the people who are still struggling to get back on their feet.

With temperatures in the city recently dropping below freezing—and wind chills sometimes falling into the single digits—McGowan will hop into a church van and search the streets for homeless people. If he encounters someone who can be encouraged to seek shelter, McGowan gently helps them into his van and drives them to the nearest homeless shelter.

“When I got sober, it was part of my heart to help, and I wanted to. People fall down in this process, and the important part is getting up,” McGown told WFAA in the interview below. “It gives you a whole new appreciation for life and for people. The things I took for granted, I don’t take for granted anymore.”

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