Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Lays The SmackDown On DJ Khaled On The Comment of Eating His Wife’s Scrumptious Pie – Video

Recently, DJ Khaled showed his immaturity by confidently admitting that he refuses to perform anything on his wife essentially because he buys her things. He went on to add that she should “praise him” because he’s “the man,” among other questionable and outright sexist statements.

Needless to say, folks had a major problem with his commentary, one of them being actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who took to Twitter to share a response that got him a lifetime “W,” in many people’s eyes.

For reference, first take a look at the Khaled’s attempted justification, below: In what is already being deemed a classic response, Johnson made it known that not only does he not subscribe to Khaled’s philosophy, but he enjoys the practice, himself.

Of course, his response didn’t go unnoticed on Twitter, with several voicing their admiration of his boldness and unproblematic nature.

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