Court Orders Woman Who Hid $1.3 Million Lottery Jackpot From Estranged Husband To Give It To Him

It is said that whenever you approach a court for any type of case or plead for justice then you have to put in front of the court all the facts and figures as they are and as the facts are, otherwise you are asking for big trouble from the law of the land.

As if the facts and figures are found to be tampered with then whatever the reason maybe but the course of justice will be reversed against you and you will have to face the wrath of the court and become a looser.

The justice is made on the basis of the evidences that are kept in front of the court and much depends on the statement given from both the sides in the court.

There have been instances when the justice in the court has changed its course when it is found that the statements given by either side in the court are false and not true to the word, or it has been proved that the person has lied in the court.

In the case that we are talking about the husband in the divorce case after two years of the divorce came to know that his wife had won about $1.3 million in a lottery game.

This fact was not revealed by the wife in the court as the husband might claim the winning amount and the wife might be at loss. The husband came to know about this after two years of divorce through a receipt of the lottery agent that the money had been transferred.

Rightfully the court has ordered the lady to pay the amount to her husband as she had hidden the amount from the court and did not disclose the lottery winning episode in the court. Now she had to pay every single penny to her husband whom she wanted to fool by keeping the entire amount to herself.

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