Chick-Fil-A Manager Drops His Work To Help 96 Y.O. WWII Veteran That Was In Tears About A Flat Tire – Video

A manager at a Maryland Chick-Fil-A was quick to help when he saw that a regular customer needed more than his usual chicken biscuit and coffee.Daryl Howard was taking orders Thursday morning at the restaurant in Severn when a 96-year-old WWII veteran, known to employees as Mr.

Lee, came to the register and said he had a flat tire. “He was shaking, almost in tears saying he barely made it to the store on three tires because one was bad,” Rudy Somoza, another manager, told CNN.

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Lee was able to park but had no one to help change his tire.

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“As soon as he finished his sentence, Daryl informed me he needed to help this gentleman right now,” Somoza said. “So, Daryl jumped into action without hesitation.” It took Howard about 15 minutes to change the tire.

He didn’t know that Somoza had taken pictures until later. Somoza said he’s worked with Howardabout five years.

“His action of kindness was beautiful. Daryl has always been so helpful to anyone in need and deserves this recognition,” Somoza said.

Somoza said Lee came back Friday and was very thankful.

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