Carriage Driver Kicks Horse In Head After It Collapsed In Busy Road – Video

Footage shows the man lashing out at a woman who urges him to stop booting the animal as it lay motionless on a road in Melbourne, Australia but the carriage service says it was just a nudge We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters.

Please see ourPrivacy Noticefor details of your data protection rights A shocking video appearing to show a carriage driver kick a collapsed horse in the head as it lay motionless on the road has been shared online.

The horse, named Tuesday, collapsed in the middle of a road in Melbourne, Australia as it transported tourists across the city.As it lay on its side, the driver appeared to kick the animal in frustration.

Onlookers attempted to help the horse to its feet, while others begged for the male driver to stop. “Get up lazy” the driver can be heard saying to the horse in footage filmed by Krista Knight.

Ms Knight, a veterinary nurse, urges the driver to stop this.

“Love, I know what I’m doing. Get out of the way,” the driver shouts back. The carriage driver attempts to help the horse back to its feet Woman’s X-rated Christmas lights display on rooftop leaves neighbours stunned. Third lion pride butchered in one month by poachers who hacked off their heads The Unique Carriage Hire driver appears to try and make a phone call before appearing to kick the horse again.

The animal eventually manages to get back on her feet and it is understood she wasn’t left with any lasting wounds. Tuesday was reportedly back to work the following day. Dean Crichton, owner of Unique Carriage Hire, admitted the driver, called Wayne, “lost his cool”. “He did not kick that horse with any animosity, it was just a nudge like come on get up, like if your mate fell over outside the pub,” Mr Crichton told Daily Mail Australia .

Onlookers begged for the driver to stop it “Wayne lost his cool but it was a very stressful situation with everyone yelling at him. It was out of character for him to use language like that. “It would have been better if that vet had put her phone in her pocket and helped, and they would have got the horse up straight far.” Mr Crichton added his 100 horses spend the majority of their time in paddocks and are rotated through to look after their welfare.

The horse, named Tuesday, relaxing in a paddock while not on duty (Image: Krista Knight)Ms Knight, who posted the video on her social media page, said on social media: “punting a horse is not okay. There were no negative comments only people trying to help. “The carriage driver was disrespectful to civilians and also the this beautiful mare causing her to thrash and bleed from the mouth.

“Just needed to keep the horse calm until it could be unhitched. “Once standing he immediately attached her again to the carriage and continued on the ride, no water, no checking legs nothing. “We need a protocol for this situation, not mistreat.” Commenting on a post on the carriage service’s social media page, one man said he was “appalled and disgusted” by the video.He added:

“No excuse to kick a horse. “We love animals. If you do, you wouldn’t treat them like you have in this disturbing footage.”

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