19 Tweets Teenagers Shouldn’t Read, But Their Parents Definitely Should

If you are a parent, surely you are familiar with the funny but lovable stories that you have of your kids. Parenting is hard but it is really rewarding as well.

However, some parents would tell you that you haven’t really seen the “difficult” years unless you are raising a teen. If you think you’re drained out and tired now, wait until they become teens and you’ll see what it’s like. Indeed, parenting will never end, for some, it becomes harder and harder but whatever mood they’re in, and we still love our kids.

If you think raising toddlers is difficult, do you think you’re ready for the “teen” years? Most parents of teenage kids joke about their experiences of raising these young adults and we’ve collected 50 of the funniest tweets that any parent of a teen can relate to.

A bit unfair, don’t you think?

  • Apparently, there’s this new rule for raising teens:Your teen can look, borrow, and use your phone anytime
  • Never, ever, and they mean it, no matter what happens should you look or touch a teenagers phone.
  • During emergencies – Look at rule number 2

How cool are you?

According to this amazing parenting tip. It’s a must to learn a new, upbeat, and of course, “cool” talent if you are raising a teen.
Why? You’ll be needing that so you can connect with your children. What “cool” thing are you trying to learn?

Filtered phone usage

A hilarious tweet from a mom that is on point! If you are a mom of a teen – you would relate to this tweet.
When you’re busy talking to them and they can’t even look you in the eye, right? However, when you need them and you call them, it seems that their phones are always unattended.

Energy and life vacuum

Until you have been raising teenagers, you will not understand how these kids can literally drain the life and energy out of you. Asking them to do a simple task is never simple, in fact, in most cases, we’d rather do it ourselves. Saves time and energy, right?

A mom’s quick fix

When you are too overwhelmed with all the mess – just shut the bedroom door of you teen and in an instant, the house seem a little cleaner. Fast forward a few hours, the thought of the dirty room will still linger in your mind. What do you do next?

Axe has been discovered

Do you still remember that sweet moment where you sons used to smell like babies? Well, if not, then welcome to parenting a teen! Congratulations! Now, you can smell your sons before you can even see them. Thanks, Axe!

The wonders of raising a teen

Why is it that when you have tons of work to do, your teenager would beg or even demand for your time and attention. Who wouldn’t feel guilty? When you make time for them, they are suddenly busy and are even annoyed by your presence. Oh boy!

Who’s laughing now?

It’s definitely okay to show how you feel, in fact, experts say that it’s also healthy. Though, teens kinda make it a habit to actually act out whenever they don’t like something, like this one here. Turns out, mom got the last laugh.

Lesson Learned

This twitter user learned that asking your teenager why she listens to such “not so cool” music, isn’t the best way to start a conversation. Well, not unless you want her shouting and saying that your music is more stupid, and all the other stuff that bothers her.

A bored teen

This mom tweets about how his son is always bored and seem uninterested when she’s asking him to do something. She said, she clearly recalls her 4-day labor that turned into a c-section because her son fell asleep. One comment said that her son hasn’t changed much – we agree.

Growing up perfectly fine

Any parent would be worried yet excited to see that their kid is now a teen, it’s like unwrapping a gift to see what he would turn out. Just like this tweet over here, turns out they have nothing to worry about. Their son is perfectly fine, growing up to be a normal ‘teen’.

What’s the secret, Mama Giraffe?

Sometimes, you just have to wonder why things can be so unfair. Like why do baby Giraffes able to walk right after they are born and teens can’t even pour their own drink but can spend a whole day looking at their phones? Care to share the secret, Mama Giraffe?

Achievement unlocked

Just when you think there is no hope for uncommunicative teenagers, this tweet will surely give you hope! This mom is so happy to finally see progress after his “chatty” son said “nah” to her, just after 3 hours after asking him a question. Clearly, it’s a milestone, an achievement unlocked, it’s a hope to look forward to!

“They were right all along”

Teens may seem easy to handle, they can understand, they can communicate, they can help with chores – an easier life right? That is why this mom felt irritated when moms of teens told her to “wait until they’re teens” phrase. Now that she’s there? She realized that they were absolutely right.

What could it be?

When you are used to not having anything done by your teen that it makes you wonder when they actually do something helpful.
This mom is wondering why her daughter suddenly unloaded the dishwasher without being asked. She said that it’s either she has done something wrong or it’s the apocalypse. What’s your guess?

Prayer marathon

Do you still remember when your teen first drove his first car? Do you still remember how many prayers did you say before finally being able to relax? This mom right here sure had her dedication to a higher power tested when she accompanied her son.

Dracula syndrome

Is it a teenager thing? Kisses on the forehead used to be so sweet and full of love, but now, this man’s son reacted like he was Dracula being impaled by a wooden stake. Another comment also said that it’s a “teenager” thing because they react like Dracula too when you open the curtains.

The ball salad

Just when your teenager son talks to you (finally) about cutting a ball salad. This mom was of course confused so decided to ask probing questions. We just love how the teen son says it tastes “green” but later manages to make himself a raw cabbage and ham sandwich. Who wouldn’t be proud?

The coolest mom

When we have children, it’s always a must for us to promise ourselves to be a “cool” parent. Now, this Twitter user made it possible by learning how to Dab. Cool, huh? Though, she didn’t get her expected reaction from her son. A real bummer!

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